The Foundation would like to express sincere gratitude and appreciation ofall the support, cooperation, and assistance in the implementation of humanitarian and cultural programs.

Sincere gratitude to Lucia Kulev, Head of Culture Department of Kishinev City Hall since 2018, for the hard work, support on multiple occasions, active participation in attracting young talent, and her creative approach to organizing the following events:

Concert on National Culture Day (2012)
Proectul "Dragostea nestinsa" (2013)
Eugen Doga concert as part of the Days of Russian Cinema in Kishinev (2013)
Musical project "Dialogues of Love" (2013)
Campaign dedicated to the Day of Europe in the Republic of Moldova (2013)
Eugen Doga concert "Poeme Pascale" (2014)
Eugen Dogaconcert in Iasi (2014)
Sarbatorilor de Florii si Paste (2014)
Events at the Eugen Doga Music Salon
Preparation of 2 CDs“Ritmurile orasului”for publication (2017)
Providing support for the project “Cultural Identity - European Heritage” (2015)

Sincere gratitude to the president of Vatra Cultural Center Avram Nicolae for versatile support and cooperation.

To Yuri Gutsu for technical support. To the management, staff and soloists of the Maria Biesu National Opera and Ballet Theater for participating in all of the events dedicated to Mihai Eminescu’s birthday and National Culture Day held at the Eugen Doga Music Salon.

To Teleradio-Moldova National Symphony Orchestra and conductor Dumitru Curchumar for his creative contribution to events.

To Juliana Gorea-Costin for her constant hard work, an invaluable contribution to the preparation and implementation of the publication of the 11-CD ETERNA collection.

On behalf of Dominanta International Foundation, we express our gratitude to everyone who helped to implement Eugen Doga’s long-standing plan to create Eugen Doga Music Salon:

To Mr. Anatol Stati, Head of ASCOM GROOP, for his invaluable contribution to the realization of the Music Salon project.

To Alexander Sashkov for contributing to the design of the Music Salonon multiple occasions.

To the Kishinev branch of ROTARI International Charity Foundation in as represented by Rob Alexander, Margaret, Alexandrina and Luminitsa for constant assistance in holding events at the Eugen Doga Music Salon, providing gifts for the children, and supporting the Foundation's endeavors.

To Avram Nicolae, director of VATRA restaurant, for his help in organizing events at the Music Salon and for charitable assistance.

To Mr. Yuri Borsch, head of CREATOR furniture company for the design of the Music Salon.

To Alexander Stukalov, owner of Kofemolka Cafe, for providing excellent coffee at the Music Salongatherings.

To Alla Glavan, director of La Placinte Cafe, for the charitable provision of excellent pastry at the Music Salon gatherings.

To Cheslav Chukhri, head of the Mi Piace company for charitable assistance in providing refreshments at the Music Salon gatherings.

To artists who have supported the events at the Music Salon though their creativity and talent:

Quartet Elegance: Lilia Bivol. Svetlana Vrabi. Lyudmila Bulat. Mariana Melinte.

String Quartet of the Opera House under the direction of Dumitru Kirchiumaru

Ana Chernikova
Dmitry Mitsu
Iurie Sadovnic
Luminitsa to Dumbroveanu
Mariana Bulikanu
Tatyana Kostyuk
Christina Pintile
Ion Timofti

The vocal ensemble Accord composed of Igor Strebitsky and Igor Syrbu

The Mihai Eminescu Academic Theater actors Diana Dekusyar and Alexander Pleshki

Duet of violinists, accompanist Mariana Girnetz

Poets Vasile Romanchuk, Nicolae Dabizha, and Luminitsa Dumbreveanu, who read their poems dedicated to the great poet M. Eminescu

Artist Tudor Zbirnya

Artist George Lysice

To educational institutions, directors and students, for their contribution to the gatherings at the Music Salon:

Mrs. Galina Buinowski, Director of the Cipriana Porumbescu Lyceum
Mrs. Lyudmila Polyakov, choirmaster of the Vocile Primeverii Chamber Children Choir of the Ciprian Porumbescu Lyceum
Ms. Nadezhda Lungu, Director of the Eugen Doga Music School
Mrs. Madalina Ganea, Head of the Jonah Creanga Theoretical Lyceum