The Foundation prepares and implements humanitarian programs and projects in accordance with the statutory goals and objectives.

These projects are dedicated to the oeuvre of composer Eugen Doga, to providing support to children and youth’s creative abilities, as well asto music education. Among the objectives are:

  • Systematizing Eugen Doga’s creative heritage, streamlining the catalog of works
  • Digitizing music and videos contained on outdated media
  • Preparingand publishing CDs, notes, and books
  • Organizing concerts, holding concerts and events
  • Organizing stage productions
  • Holding different themed gatheringsat the Music Salon
  • Holding festivals, contests
  • Collaborating with educational projects for children, schools, libraries, and orphanages
  • Collaborating with music education projects for the youth
  • Event organization

Over the period of its activity, the Foundation has taken part in preparing materials for concerts and supported the following events:

Concert on National Culture Day (2012)
Proectul "Dragostea nestinsa" (2013)
Eugen Doga's concert on Russian Cinema Day in Kishinev (2013)
Music project "Dialogues of Love" (2013)
Campaign dedicated to the Day of Europe in the Republic of Moldova (2013)
Eugen Doga’s Concert "Poeme Pascale" (2014)
Eugen Doga Concert in Iasi (2014)
Sarbatorilor de Florii si Paste (2014)
Meetings at Eugen Doga Music Salon
Preparing 2 “Ritmurile orasului”CDsforrelease (2017)
Ateneul Roman 2017
Support for the project “Cultural Identity - European Heritage” (2015)

Support for La Festivalul Centenar Fest (2018, 2019)