Creative heritage

Eugen Doga is the author of three ballets, a musical cycle "Dialogues of Love"to the verses of poets M. Eminescu and V. Micle, music to more than 200 films, more than 250 songs and romances, 9 cantatas, 6 quartets. He also composed the "Olympic Suite ", the “Iasi Carnival”, two symphonic overtures, a requiem, 10 a capella choirs to verses by E. Bukov, two a capella choirs to verses by M. Eminescu, more than 70 waltzes, music for 13 plays and radio plays, many pieces for violin, cello, flute, accordion, and piano.

The scope of work with Eugen Doga’s creative heritage includes the following:

  • OrganizingEugen Doga’s heritage, creating a complete catalog of his works. Organizing the sheet music archive, the audio and video materials catalog, and publications.
  • Digitizingsheet music and piano scores, typing up and publishing sheet music.
  • Digitizing audio and video materials.
  • Preparing CDs, sheet music, and books for publication.
  • Preparingsheet music for concerts and events.
  • Organizing photos and videos.
  • Searching for lost scores and records.